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Anonymous asked: "Ship me? :) Hazel Brunette long hair with Brown hazel eyes, curvy, about/near 5'11, shy but when I trust you I'll open up, quite punk rock, loyal, good listener, Speaks my mind, fast learner, easy jaloux, hard time forgiving people, Can play a little piano, badminton, love travelling Music ATL, fob, mayday parade, patd, nirvana, blink 182, bastille, muse, mcr, Lana del Rey, Arctic Monkeys, (5sos but obvious ;))"

I think calum because he’d like a girl that speaks her mind and also you have great taste in music:)

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Anonymous asked: "I think Lauren is like 13"

Ya that seems right

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living-like-lashton asked: "harry turned 10 a few months ago. theres a cute pic of him and his mom on her instagram"

Does anyone know about his sister?

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Anonymous asked: "How old are ashtons siblings?"

Ooh idk.. Does anyone know?

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Anonymous asked: "Would you do a ship?"

You can send something in but I’m on mobile rn so I can’t look at a face page.. I can do ships tonight if you all want.?


it’s hard for me to grasp the concept that calum writes songs when he can’t fall asleep like he’s sitting there pondering his existence or reliving intense moments of his past or mentally writing 76 haikus that rhyme while michael is drooling in his sleep 15 feet away mumbling something dumb about luke

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If you’re going to the lorde concert tonight you can kidnap me! Or say hi whatever



im feeling happy and i wanna do stuff but i have no real life outside of this website.

but anyways lets do ships and stuff

all you have to do is:

  • reblog this
  • mbf me
  • send me a question, ship me, send me a link to something cute (like ur face), idk i just need something to work with

and then i get to give you:

  • ship
  • outfit
  • couple picture or gif
  • song


Anonymous asked: "I nominate westcoastmikey for best Michael girl!"


Reblog or like if you want to vote westcoastmikey for best michael girl

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if you don’t have dirty thoughts, you are lying


if you don’t have dirty thoughts, you are lying